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Welcome to supernatural thriller author, Micheal Rivers, website. You'll find his supernatural thrillers, ghost stories and horror novels here.

His novel Moonlight on the Nantahala hit No.1 Drama on the bestseller list on Amazon with over 80 reviews. It is a dramatic family saga with a hint of supernatural woven through it. Verliege was voted Best Supernatural Book of 2012 and hit No.1 Supernatural on Amazon. The Black Witch (Curse of the Witch Book 1) hit Top 50 in Horror on Amazon several times. Stop by his blog to read about interesting paranormal topics, author interviews and his words on writing. Read about Micheal's current novels he's working on.


Supernatural thriller author

Supernatural thriller author

Supernatural thriller author

Supernatural thriller author

Supernatural thriller author

Supernatural thriller author


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  1. avatarRebecca Johnson says:

    Hi Micheal!

    I was just camping at Mount Pisgah campground A13 site. On my walk to the bathroom the other night I heard loud running steps up to my back and then after reading the history, realized it was probably a horse or two with either a Cherokee or Catawba Indian on them. It was pretty intense…to and from the bathroom. The next two nights I just welcomed them to my walk and greeted them…not knowing who it was at the time.

    Interesting and chilling at the same time. My daughter thought we were talking to bears to she was a great addition to the interaction.


    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Hi Rebecca,
      Very interesting story. The chances of it being Cherokee are good. They were the main inhabitants of the Pisgah region. When we did an investigation there it became intense on more than one occasion. Two A.M. in the morning can be nerve racking at times, LOL. Thank you for contacting me.

  2. Interesting site/articles Michael – coming from Britain, I wondered if there were any Revolutionary battles within the Pisgah National Forest, especially as North Carolina was one of the 13 colonial area during British rule ? Are they linked to any hauntings from that era also ?

    America was colonised by us when Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne in late 1500’s, you lot took over in 1776, but of course for thousands of years the native American ruled the USA and who knows what occurred during their period. Pisgah seem to hold some recent dark secrets too, this morning I watched a HAUNTING EVIDENCE episode from 2007 on British TV, of the murder of Judith Smith near to Stoney Park Picnic Area in 1997, which seems to be a park area within a park area so to speak. Judith’s remains were found 20 years ago this month ironically – 7th September :

    I have never known a National Forest/Park such a Pisgah cutting through so many counties/areas in one country, but the USA is massive compared to where I live.

    I gave my Grandad’s July 1914 book on Red Indians to a lady whose son was lost in a Canadian National Park in 2012 [but was sadly found dead a couple of years ago in 2015 within the Canadian NP he frequented]. I gave it to his Mom in July 2014, 100 years later – see link here

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK – Pisgah holds many secrets it seems, a beautiful area.



    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Hi Ian. Thank you for writing to me. The American revolution was fought all over most of the eastern united states especially within the region you refer to as the colonies. North and South Carolina have an abundance of battlefields for that time period. Yes, most of them are notorious for hauntings. Before King George or the British came to us the American Indian fought the Welsh, Spain, and a few other countries as well as each other. There is evidence of the Viking presence inland in the Carolinas.The secrets are spread throughout the southern states as the evidence of hauntings bear witness to. In one particular state park an area is called stone Mountain, the sight of a very historic moment in the American civil war. It is not unusual to see confederate troops moving plainly through the forest in broad daylight. The paranormal activity is so frequent the employees have stopped talking about it until they are asked. Visit us some time and be prepared to witness some of these for yourself. Thanks. Micheal

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