1. A fresh look at an old concept: I love to read books written in the 19th and early 20th century. I recently took a short story written in 1880 and changed the hero to a heroine and placed her in the 1960’s, but using the same basic story line, and of course, my own writing style is a tad different than the original author. It’s amazing what a fresh look at an old concept can do.

  2. Every story is a new one. I don’t particularly mind if it’s the same theme or general idea. Arguably the whole high/epic fantasy genre is like this. Good guy must fight and defeat bad guy. If you boil it down to its absolute most critical element anyway. But every story introduces you to new characters with new problems and every story has its own twist. If I don’t know how it ends, that’s good enough for me.

    That said, I reread most books anyway!

  3. I wrote a book about this. Original Plots are hard to find these days. This is true. But they are there if you know where to look! Good luck on your books!!

  4. Your last line? (Good night Ray Bradbury wherever you are.) It proves how cool you are. 😉 Love it!

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