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Kerry Reis is the author of Legacy Discovered, a contemporary romantic family drama. His writing is a breath of fresh air for those looking for a taste of something different and I believe you will enjoy reading this story.
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My Thoughts, and read A Year of Reviewing Indie Books 2014. Thank you for being with us today Kerry and I hope you will return soon.


I want to thank Micheal for giving me this opportunity to share thoughts with his fans. I self-published my first book, Legacy Discovered, three years ago through CreateSpace and re-released it just over a year ago through AuthorHouse. The novel is about a woman who discovers after sixteen years of marriage that her husband is actually the son of a billionaire and faked his death in order to be with her. It is a contemporary romantic family drama with a hint of mystery, which might make one wonder why I would be invited to write on the site of a very accomplished author of paranormal suspense novels. Besides respecting my writing, I think Micheal sees how open I am to all genres and styles in seeking, enjoying and learning from a good story. Within the quivering strands of a paranormal tale, readers are able to face their fears and hopes within the basic mysteries of life they face on a daily basis. I truly enjoy a good ghost story.

Just before I wrote Legacy Discovered, I worked for over 28 years with ABC TV/Disney ABC Television Group; nearly 25 years of this time in the photo and broadcast divisions of the Publicity department. Throughout those years, I helped promote a wide range of excellent dramas, comedies and miniseries, with some notable works that shone in the paranormal genre. ABC is known as the network that aired the tantalizing Twin Peaks over two seasons in 1990-91 and the ground-breaking six seasons of the survivors on the mysterious island of Lost from 2004-2010. ABC also aired several miniseries based on the novels by Stephen King. In 1994, during the Winter Press Tour where we were promoting ABC’s airing of The Stand, I was privileged to be introduced to Stephen King and I still have the hardcover copy of the book that he autographed for me. However, when ABC aired his original miniseries, Storm of the Century, in 1999, I found myself very disappointed in how it ended. Yet, three years later, Stephen was back on track with me when ABC aired the miniseries Rose Red.

Legacy Discovered



“A great, feel-good read!" - Sarah E. Bradley, InD'tale Magazine

“It would be a fantastic Lifetime movie.” - Reviewer






Book Description: A woman learns her husband is not the man she married. Instead of an orphaned foster child like herself, he is the scion of a billionaire. In order to avoid a family legacy, he faked his own death.
This searing novel demonstrates the strength of love and the power of class to haunt our lives while serving as a moving meditation on how to redeem the past. As Ryan says to his teenage daughter, “Status does not determine character. Character determines status.”


Regardless of whether a book is a romance, mystery, an historical drama, or a supernatural thriller, the core elements of the story are still the same in order to enthrall the reader – character and plot. Within a few pages, the reader must quickly understand the path he or she is being led down and be willing to follow along. As characters are introduced, the reader must find some empathetic connection - good or bad - with the character in order to understand and accept the character’s actions among the order of events along the plot path. The reader must accept the plausibility of events within the mythos of the plot, regardless of whether the realm of the story is real or fantasy. Finally, the resolution or, sometimes, non-resolution of the whole story must fit in, even subtly, with the reader’s general sense of morality. It is this final point where I felt Stephen King’s Storm of the Century missed the mark, as the one person in the town who stood up and rejected the devilish character’s demands was the one who lost the final lottery and his legacy.
It is evident that there is no one set of rules or steps to accomplish this feat of storytelling, and even the best writers can get off track every now and again. However, good writers can usually sense when the story structure around their idea is on path and has enough to keep the reader engaged. I saw this when I read Verliege, Micheal's supernatural thriller about a team of scientific investigators exploring a haunted castle. In the first hundred pages, I was brought up to speed by the close-up conversations between a psychiatrist and an incarcerated patient in a secret institution. Because I was able to empathize with the power and fear in the patient’s tales, as well as the underlying skepticism of the doctor, I knew a defining moment was coming and gladly followed the conversation. When that moment arrived, forcing the doctor to set up a team of investigators to explore the haunted castle, I was hooked into the adventure, but it was being able to connect with the rest of the team and the mysterious denizens of the castle that kept me reading to the end.

Having enjoyed Verliege greatly, I decided to read Moonlight on the Nantahala later in the year. Moonlight on the Nantahala was a different story, a tale of lost love reconnecting from beyond the grave and a friendship that brings strength and redemption. For this tale, character had to be stronger than plot and my empathy focused more on the positive aspects of the elder man reaching out and helping the young woman who has sought refuge at his homestead, while she comes to realize that her new friend’s dead wife still spiritually resides in the home to comfort him. The theme of the story required a different pace to the plot and it was handled well. The key was that Micheal did not try to control the story in these two books, but allowed the story in both character and plot to guide him in building the structure around the telling. In the end, this is the common element in any good book, play, movie, or television series, whether the genre is action adventure, mystery, sci-fi, paranormal, comedy or romance.

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