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Alicia was everything to Adrian Bolt; long overdue success finally afforded him the dream of taking her to Germany. They purchased Castle Verliege while vacationing there. It was the optimal atmosphere for a writer. Their life took a new direction. A ghostly world lay in wait for anyone living within the walls of the castle; waiting, watching for eternity to keep the Mueller name upon its registers.

Verliege, a chilling supernatural and international crime mystery, begins at Arlette Mansion in the mountains of West Virginia. Prisoner and author Adrian Bolt was transferred there accused of the horrific murder of his wife. She was found brutally murdered by an antique sword. His conviction by a German court was as swift as the sword that killed her. Adrian had not spoken since her death …until… Dr. James Pellitere was able to break his silence.

A deal was offered to Pellitere. Traveling to Germany with a paranormal investigative team they searched for evidence that would clear Adrian and prove him innocent. While at the castle, Pellitere is confronted by the supernatural residents. A battle begins over the secret of the nine and a prophecy is in jeopardy of becoming unfulfilled.

Praise for Verliege
"...Like Gilman, Hodgson, and Lovecraft, the richness of dialog is not lacking in Rivers's prose...Rivers does not so much stand upon the shoulders of these giants as he rubs elbows with them."
- Amy K. Marshall, Staff Reviewer, Dark River Press

"... A complex ghost story... maintains a level of tension...the ghostly characters are as real as you and me to all who encounter them."
- Review by Sandy Penny, Founder of

"...There is an incredible twist that not only took me by surprise, but had me ignoring my house phone for over an hour until I could finally drag myself away from this gripping story!"
- torrenstp

"... Mr. Rivers has a real talent for painting a crystal clear picture with his words. The ghosts felt as real as the people."
-  MoonShineArtSpot Reviews


Moonlight on the Nantahala at the Book Store. Moonlight on the Nantahala





Who is the phantom dancing in the mist on the Nantahala River?



Moonlight on the Nantahala is set in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina. It is a contemporary and woman's fiction novel with a hint of supernatural mixed in.
This tale of Edward Caulfield stands as a testament of the love he held in his heart for a woman he was never allowed to grow old with. Fate took Celia from Edward early in their marriage. On her deathbed Celia vowed they would be together again, not even death would separate them.
In his twilight years he moves closer to town yet keeps the old home by the river that he and his beloved Celia shared. He maintains the old home as a shrine to her to cope with his grief. Betty, his strong willed housekeeper and friend keeps the widower on his toes with her humorous criticisms. Lena, a young woman, often trespasses on the old man's property to sit by the river in deep thought. They exchange their secrets and stories eventually. Lena's emotionally abusive husband and crumbling marriage weighs heavily on Edward. He sees her like the daughter he never had and wants to protect her. Loneliness and learning to trust again forges a critically needed friendship for them.
On the Nantahala River's edge under an aging oak tree could the legacy of "The Perfect Rose" forever change a troubled heart?

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Praise for Moonlight on the Nantahala

"...This novel stirred my soul and left me moved beyond belief. Timeless and beautiful. Five stars is truly not worthy enough to rate how this story spoke to my heart."
- Michelle Hughes "The Books Debut"

"I found the characters to be real and believable, and the story compelling enough to want to read it again and take a bit more time to absorb all the nuances of feelings that leaped from the pages."
- Today's Working Woman Reviews

"...Micheal Rivers has done an excellent job with 'Moonlight'. His descriptions are so wonderful, making you feel like you are right there in the story. ...a beautiful story and highly recommended!" 
-Jennifer at Can't Put It Down Reviews



The Black Witch at the Book Store.The Black Witch


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The Black Witch is a profile in courage for those facing the uncertainty of death at the hands of pure evil. Set on the high seas in a vivid tale of desperation the characters come to life in this epic sea adventure.

It was said to be the sailing adventure of a lifetime. In an obscure marina in Maryland the Coe family discovered the schooner of their dreams. Reported dismantled off the coast of Australia the Black Witch returned from the dead. A naval architect and his friends gathered in May of 1935 and sailed the most unique schooner ever built.
The words of the former owners and their captains written in the ship’s logs warned of a cursed ship. Disregarding the words of men of integrity the passengers and crew sailed the Black Witch into the murderous realms of illusion.

With madness plaguing Dorian Coe the command of the schooner was turned over to the first officer, William Barmer. Through the trials of battling a demon from the bottomless pits of hell, a ferocious storm at sea, and the escape from a treacherous island, William fought for the life of everyone on board. From the listing deck of a sinking ship their only salvation is the miracle of divine intervention. To lose your life aboard the Black Witch was to lose your soul. In the final round William and a small handful of survivors learn the end is merely a beginning.

The brogue of the Outer Banks of North Carolina brings the flavor of the sea throughout the turn of every page. It is a lesson of man’s will to survive against formidable odds. The Black Witch brings you horror, mystery, murder, and the dangers of the supernatural world in a page turning volume of dark fantasy suspense.

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Praise for The Black Witch

"The Black Witch was a page turner; it had me in its clutches and didn't let go until the end. The book is such a well written horror tale that's full of action and mayhem, completely engrossing. Character development is outstanding, they are so well written the reader cares about all of the main characters; they are so richly fleshed out. I highly recommend this novel."- Review by Michael Juvinall - Horror Society

"Darkly seductive, well written and scary as hell. " - Review by Sandy Penny, Founder of


Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores at the Book Store.Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores 








Take a spooky journey through the shore towns of North Carolina. Find ordinary men and women who’ve witnessed ghosts. Meet a dead Confederate sentry who has not left his post. In Weldon, waltz with a ghostly lady...until she disappears. Witness a battle at Bentonville that appeared to be a re-enactment—it wasn’t. From the Chowan River to beaches of the Outer Banks, the spirits of the North Carolina shores never rest.

Praise for Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores

Great Compilation of Civil War History and Ghostly a MUST HAVE for your literary collection.  - Author Glenn Starkey

"...history-heavy in a way that sets the scene to tie into ghostly sightings... perfect balance of folk tale and his descriptions of the areas show an intimate love and knowledge of the region depicted."                                                    - Review by Tammy, Rabid Readers Reviews


Appalachia Mountain Folklore at the Book Store.Appalachia Mountain Folklore


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The mountains of the Appalachia abound with tales of ghosts and mysterious places. Covering 16 counties, 40 spine-tingling stories will have you traveling the roads and paths of those who have walked before you and listening to their sorrowful tales. Along the way, visit The Hanging Tree in Cabarrus County, Battle Mansion in Buncombe County, Green River Plantation in Rutherford County, and the House on the Hill in Jackson County. Sit around the campfire and hear stories of lore about the legend of the Bald, the warning of the Hunter's Moon, and the disappearance of an entire hunting party. Superstition, folklore, and the paranormal keep the spirits alive in the Appalachian region. Will you be the next one to visit with the ghosts of Cherohala?

Praise for Appalachia Mountain Folklore

" are left with compassion for the departed, a curiosity to visit each haunting, and a fear to stay as far away from there as you can." - Trish Gentry

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