Bring Out "Yer" Dead by Micheal Rivers


Bring out Yer Dead

 A starless, nearly black sky surrounds a deserted castle as a low lying mist creeps slowly across the grounds. It is very easy to imagine a bell ringer following behind a two wheeled cart filled with bodies in the village close by. You can hear them sing out for the residents to bring out the dead. I like that. For me it’s very easy to picture the streets and the residents.

For some the mention of a castle brings forth the beautiful queen in a pristine mountain fortress, for others, the knights of old are charging the enemy to engage in battle for the honor of their king. There are also those of you who will see a brightly covered festival held within the castle walls.

The days of chivalry have passed and modern times dictate the once grand castles of history have become little more than a glimpse of the past with the usual signs for tourist to heed as they venture through these portals of time. My latest novel Verliege is written about a castle just as the ones I have just mentioned. It stands in all its grandeur as it has done since the early 1600’s.

All castles have history behind them from the battles for freedom to the treachery of political intrigue and of course, murder. Few castles of our time do not tout the presence of a ghost to haunt the residents and visitors. Most of them brag of having more than one spirit to keep them company. What unearthly presence will greet you as you enter the master’s bedroom, or follow you down the centuries old stairs on your way to the souvenir shop? Castle Verliege is no different, except, these spirits have an agenda that will not be denied. They do not wait in the recesses of the shadows for the time when all will be theirs again.

Fate plays a hand in all we do. Castle Verliege’s ghostly residents are no different. These spirits wait patiently for the one who has come to fulfill the prophecy. The ghost of Edmund is the keeper of the secret of the nine. If you are wise you will not seek the answer to the secret of the nine. With the frailties of the human psyche we all know that sooner or later you will give in to temptation.


Micheal Rivers want to introduce you to Castle Verliege

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