Brown Mountain Lights


This is a repost from Smoky Mountain News

Theories swirl around perplexing mountain lights

Ghosts, spirits, swamp gas, gnomes and car headlights — there’s no shortage of hypotheses behind the mysterious phenomenon along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The real question is, though, have you seen the light?

For the curious, the experience starts with a night drive down the parkway to the Thomas Divide Overlook, about two-thirds of the way between Maggie Valley and Cherokee, mile-marker 464 to be exact.

From there what happens is out of your control — some claim flashing your high beams or honking your horn helps, others claim that is the last thing you should do. In the end all you can really do is wait — and that’s when the lights come out.

The phenomenon has caught the eye of a local paranormal author and lead investigator of the Smoky Mountain Ghost Trackers, Micheal Rivers.

Read the full article about the brown mountain lights by Andrew Kasper reporter for Smoky Mountain News

brown mountain lights

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  1. Fascinating work you do, Michael. I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Yes, the paranormal phenomena is intriguing to say the very least. Thanks Tim for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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