Building a Castle the Author's Way!


There is nothing more challenging than writing a story about a place, or places that do not exist. Nearly every book contains characters that do not exist, but the places are usually drawn from existing towns and dealt with by changing the name.

The town of Verliege never existed. The castle Verliege also never existed in any way shape or form. The people in the novel are not a combination of a few nor are they a characterization of any one person. They are strictly a figure of the imagination.

Except for a few elements even the history of the castle does not exist. The challenge to writing such a novel was more than I had anticipated. The building or correctional facility where the story began was a gem in itself, and to find ways to make it plausible was a serious challenge.

Upon leaving the correctional facility the characters had to have a serious destination to complete the story. This is where imagination was put to the challenge. I had to lay the floor plans and castle grounds out and work the characters around them.

This castle is a combination of several castles that I laid out in my mind and built the walls within my memory. Every room, hallway, dining room, bedroom and fixture were all designed as the book was written. Everything about the castle and the town came to me as it was being written. I would like now to introduce you to a sample of Verliege.



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