Southern Writers Magazine spotlights Verliege by Rivers

    Verliege by Micheal Rivers in Southern Writers Magazine  Verliege is spotlighted in Southern Writers Magazine’s popular feature “Magnolia Corner”   I’d like to thank the staff at Southern Writers Magazine, especially Gary Fearon. “In every issue of Southern Writers Magazine, we highlight successful authors who share their “behind the scenes” in their writing […]

Appalachia Mountain Folklore

  Appalachia Mountain Folklore Appalachia folklore has been some of the most beloved stories through the ages. From ghosts and hidden treasure to murder and the perfect cure for your ills; these stories are passed from father to son and neighbor to the traveler they meet in passing. Everyone questions how much truth is behind […]

Bring Out "Yer" Dead by Micheal Rivers

  Bring out Yer Dead  A starless, nearly black sky surrounds a deserted castle as a low lying mist creeps slowly across the grounds. It is very easy to imagine a bell ringer following behind a two wheeled cart filled with bodies in the village close by. You can hear them sing out for the […]

Building a Castle the Author's Way!

  There is nothing more challenging than writing a story about a place, or places that do not exist. Nearly every book contains characters that do not exist, but the places are usually drawn from existing towns and dealt with by changing the name. The town of Verliege never existed. The castle Verliege also never […]

Branding: Micheal Rivers and The Black Witch

Branding the author and their books   The cover art was done by Ryan Bibby of Novel Branding. Ryan is exceptional to work with as well as being extremely talented. Most everyone has heard the term author branding.  Your brand or name recognition conveys who you are to your readers and what you represent. In […]

Writer's Platform | Micheal Rivers

  Writer’s Platform In the beginning Joe Somebody wrote a book. The editor says it’s great. The publisher said they want anything you write. Cloud nine is three stories below you. Then you realize the sales you counted on are not there. The advertising is the best money can buy and still your sales suck! […]

Don't Be Shy Leave Book Reviews

  Don’t Be Shy Leave Book Reviews People are shy. There are many of you reading this who will say you are far from it. There will be only a handful of you who actually are true extroverts. A good example of this for writers is a published novel. You may have a thousand readers […]

There Seems To Be A Time Warp

Time Warp   There seems to be time warp in Amazon and Twitter. Through the powers that be beyond that of mortal man, the computer Gods have arisen and have begun deciding who shall be granted the honor of posting. Did you ever wonder why your posts do not appear or your reply suddenly will […]

So This Is Your Office!

A Writer’s Office As a writer the space you use to create your work is very important to you. The mind of a writer can be a frightening thing. His office can be a journey into a mind bending gaping hole of pure insanity. These are a few examples. Writer number one has an office […]

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