Don't Be Shy Leave Book Reviews


Don't Be Shy Leave Book Reviews

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People are shy. There are many of you reading this who will say you are far from it. There will be only a handful of you who actually are true extroverts.

A good example of this for writers is a published novel. You may have a thousand readers that truly love what you have written.  By the way of people talking to each other you will find out what they actually thought of your work after reading it.

Let’s take an example of twenty readers. “I loved the book. It was the best I have read in a long time.”

When you had spoken to them not a single word was mentioned that they had even purchased your title. You had to find out from other sources they not only read your book but told others all about it.

We have millions of readers in our world who are very competent but will never write a review nor will they tell you how much they enjoyed your work. It is not the fact they do not want you to know. But, they have an aversion to writing anything themselves for fear of reprisal from friends or family. In these cases they do not want others knowing they read the kind of things you write.

It may possibly be a partial note of privacy for them. Some just do not know how to put into words how they felt about your work.

Beware there are so many who do not mention your work for fear of hurting your feelings.  Sometimes it is better not to press the issue. You can be the most prolific writer in history, but you have to remember not everybody enjoys the same topics.

This is a fine line to tread and the rewards will still come. A bad review is publicity and sometimes will draw others through curiosity. They may love it and you can smile. The bad review will place an arrow to what you may be doing wrong and can then correct the situation. The good reviews are always a blessing.

In the interim you never give up, your audience awaits you.

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