Flashlight Sessions Debunked?

Trying to obtain solid proof has always been a priority for Smokey Mountain Ghost Tracker’s investigations. With that being said, I am skeptical of new techniques until they can be proven authentic. In my past investigations I have occasionally used a Maglite flashlight to pursue any contact with the other side. This question has always stuck in my mind; could there be other reasons that the flashlight turns on and off on its own?

For those of you not familiar with paranormal techniques I will explain how it’s done. A Maglite is turned at the top to light up. An investigator would turn it to the point of just barely off but if touched anywhere on it then it would come on.


Over the weekend I did some research and came across a YouTube video by Verklagekasper. He does in-depth scientific testing of the “phenomena” and provides a valid explanation. It makes perfect sense to me that the design and materials used in the flashlight can produce on-off cycling due to thermal expansion-contraction properties of the flashlight's reflector.

I then went back to a video I had just completed over the weekend on an investigation and counted the seconds for each time the light came on and for how long it stayed on and then the amount of time it took to light up again. The light stayed on for an average of 12-15 seconds and then would light up again within 20-30 seconds. We counted the cycles through a 30 minute period of asking questions. Interestingly enough, the cycle period was almost consistent with only a few seconds variation.
This does not explain how a flashlight not turned at the top and is completely off can come on during an investigation. There is no contact that can produce on-off cycling in this instance. This type of occurrence has happened to me on rare occasion.
Awhile back a friend brought over a child’s battery operated teddy bear. The bear belonged to her deceased son if I remember correctly. She claimed it turned on without batteries in it. While we were visiting we left it sitting on a chair. It started playing its little jingle and lighting up to my amazement. I had to check a second time to make sure there weren’t any batteries in it. There wasn’t!

It is stated that spirits manifest themselves by drawing energy from different sources.  Batteries can be a source. During our investigation last weekend all of our camera and recorder batteries had to be changed out twice. As usual we had checked them and put fresh in all the equipment prior to leaving for the investigation.

Here's a question for you. Can an entity turn on a piece of equipment?  I’d like to hear your comments on this.


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  1. avatarRiley Henry says:

    I have ten wild life cameras. All summer I will change the batteries about every two weeks. Beginning in September the batteries will only last about two days and we start getting orbs in the shots. Most years this will last until the middle of December. I think the orbs has something to do with this. I would like to hear others opinion.

  2. avatarMicheal Rivers says:

    Its possible the orbs may be drawing energy from the batteries but the cold during the winter is a factor also. Cold will kill batteries pretty quick in some places. Hope you are doing well and congrats on your books. Would love to visit with you again.

  3. I think your experience on on and off cycle is really just skeptical body because you have the rational explanation the real entities doesnt on and off with cycle of min these entities respond as quickly as question are said so when you obtain one intelligent conversation while the k2 the trifield are going crazy at the same time and your answer are really close to reality i mean if your the only one to know the answer and you ask and they tell you what you are the only one to know this will embarass me to say there an easy explanation such yours …but as long as you will really not live the opportunity to make you believer instead of skeptical ..sometime entities can answer a way to collaborate their own true history is this not a great proof that this is real … We ad the opportunity to live great moment with flashlight at st chlothilde the horton assylum during each investigation we done there some of them even show themself on pic and evp and after cheking their history and the death in the building they appear to be real person by their living !!!

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write concerning the article. I will first address the statement concerning the effect on batteries when it is cold. Yes the cold will kill a battery. Here in the United States we who live in the colder climates know for a fact low temperatures can and does kill batteries. Thirty below and lower is far from being a joke. In my forty plus years of experience with investigating the paranormal I am far from being a skeptic. I do however look into every possibility of the cause behind such evidence as EVPs and actual photographs. A simple thing such as enamel paint can cause a false positive in a photograph of a shadow person. When everything is ruled out then I am sure my evidence is worthy of others attention. I am sir a true believer and have photos as well as EVPs to satisfy my findings. Concerning the changing of camera and flashlight batteries. All investigators have had the dying of these batteries at some point in time with the batteries showing no sign of being dead afterward. Personally all three of my teams do not investigate during cold weather. I do so because of the effects that can possibly be made on electronic equipment due to climate changes. I have found I have more legitimate success having the flashlight completely off during a session with evidence more credible than with the simple touch method. My teams have gotten more accurate evidence this way than any other. Try gathering evps or contact with the entity without turning on your flashlight and let the entity turn it on to answer your questions. The results will amaze you. As you could see the video of the flashlight was not mine but one I shared with everyone. It is always nice to see what the scientific community will come up with. I did find it true to a degree as I stated in the article. I have found you never know when or in what way an entity will contact you.In my career I have seen four full body apparitions and a host of other things that would scare the hell out of some people.

  4. Oooook i can start a debate whith you if you dlike on the battery and the orbs or entities sucking your batterry to the point where you have to say they are good to change ,let me tell you one or 2thing on this ,i will start by saying we lived that kind of situation where entities where taking our battery energy to the point none of our equipment seem to be working we add To change battery but all the energy in our battery happen to recover as nothing anormaly happen as soon as we live the building ….and in the second time i am questioning myself about your answer on cold and battery that are speedly dyiing ,let me ask you one question and you would realise this as no sence …in your car ,during the winter season ,is your battery dropp is efficacity because of cold ,i dont think so ,if your battery car is new this will just not happen your car will start at any weather but if there old your are getting to a point your battery are to use and that way the cold can interfer in their efficacity that are the same in your equipment battery are not afected by cold unless this cold is supernatural such the cold experiencing during paranormal event …

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