Halloween Short Story

Halloween Short Story

Halloween Short StoryPhoto courtesy of Wendy Potocki

Horror fans, I wrote a new Halloween short story.

Read it ► Oct. 22nd.

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Opening paragraph of my Halloween Short Story: The Question

Should I take it from the beginning? All things considered, it would probably be the best. You should know how death can come in any form. October was my favorite month of the year. I stood in the middle of the street shortly after midnight, smoking a cigarette and watching a full moon overhead. Intermittent dark clouds floated slowly in front of it, reminding me of old horror movies from the 60s. It would have been easy to picture Lon Chaney transforming into the Wolf Man.


Fellow horror writer Wendy Potocki is hosting this awesome event. "There’ll be guest posts by brilliantly insane authors, giveaways galore, and original fiction by yours truly — moi! There will also be a month-long series of interviews with some of our authors. Courtesy of Michael Sargent of Turquoise Radio, it'll be a chance for you to get to know us a little bit better and perhaps find your next favorite author."

The details of each book giveaway will be outlined on the official Halloweenpalooza page.

There will be plenty of ghosts, zombies and monsters to get you in the mood!

Halloween Short StoryPhoto courtesy of Wendy Potocki

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