Ghosts at Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee


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Old South Pittsburg Hospital

Cindy Lydick and Doug Dishroon


old south pittsburg hospital

 Ghosts at Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee

I have a special treat for you today. My friends Cindy Lydick and Doug Dishroon, of Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee bring to you the ultimate in paranormal activity. Old South Pittsburg Hospital is a Independent Paranormal Research Facility that serves the Paranormal Field and Investigation Teams across the United States with their needs in Research, Field Testing, Training & Education.They are not associated or affiliated with any other locations.

Cindy and Doug are professionals in every sense of the word, and a better host will be difficult to find.

Having investigated with Cindy and Doug in their facility, I find investigators of any caliber will not be disappointed in their evidence.

You may ask what the difference is between Doug and Cindy compared to other teams or families, the answer is simple. They live in what is probably the most haunted hospital in America. I am very proud to have you with me today, thank you for taking time to talk with me and my readers.


Rivers: You have a very unique situation. You live in a haunted hospital can you tell me how you came to live there?

Cindy: I have been a paranormal investigator for over 12 years. I have a strong passion for learning and answering the questions we all seek about death and what happens in the afterlife.

Over four and a half years ago I searched online for a property that was vacant and unique that no one had ever visited or investigated. I came across the property of the hospital that was for sale. I was very intrigued by the medical aspect of the paranormal, since I was a nurse so many years ago. I used to work in a similar hospital years ago and had many personal paranormal experiences. I contacted the owner and asked if I were able to come in and investigate. Over the next few days after investigating I collected numerous Class A evps and photos that I could not explain. Over the course of a year I came numerous times and was surprised at how many spirits still remained here. I wanted others to experience and collect the same kind of data and share a very special place where the spirits hadn’t left.

After the caretaker prior to me, took his own life in 2009 here on the property, I proposed to the owner to allow me to lease the location and allow others to come and investigate. I wanted to also relieve some of the financial burden that the hospital was costing for a minor fee. He agreed and I decided to move closer, since there was so much cleaning and upgrading to do to make it safe for investigators to come and spend time here investigating. Since the hospital had a mountain of work to do, it just made sense to me to live in the location and take care of it properly. Give it more dignity that it had lost so many years ago. I wanted the spirits to know someone was here to take care of their home once again. This was also a deterrent for teens to break in and vandalize the hospital if they knew someone were here.

I have lived here since August of 2009. I have done a lot of research about this location in TN and found a very rich history linking to the Cherokee tribe Chiaha that befriended the Union Soldiers and gave them safe passage to set up their artillery bunkers in the foothills behind the hospital, the Civil War, and a 44 room Plantation owned by the Gamble family. Research is an ongoing project that I find great interest in. Many locals have shared details of their loved ones passing here, and I feel honored to be able to house many blessed spirits.

I once told someone that I am not the one to decide where these spirits are supposed to be, I am only the caretaker and provide them a platform for us to hear what they “need” to say. This was my goal.

old south pittsburg hospital

Doug:  I had the pleasure of living in an extremely active farmhouse back in 1983, in a small town in southern Indiana. When Cindy came to me with the proposition to live here at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital, I had reservations, but was willing to give it a try. So to answer the question, it was Cindy's doing. LOL

Rivers: Most people would expect one, possibly two hauntings. How many different hauntings or ghosts do you have in the hospital?

Cindy: It is really difficult for me to say. There have been numerous children speaking out on evps as well as adults over the years. Some we recognize and some that are new. We only have a few names validated by local residents that have had loved ones pass here. But being a hospital and with the “not so great” reputation in its’ day, could be a contributing factor in the numerous spirits we have discovered.

As the years go by we discover new patients that still remain, and those that may be part of the past history prior to the hospital. I feel that the location of the hospital sits on a very unique area that is geologically interesting to say the least. Some in the paranormal field say that this could cause amplify energy levels to peak. Giving the spirits energy to either appear to us or speak with us.

The hospital actually sits on solid limestone, has a natural spring running underneath to an old well still existent today on the property dating back to the 1800’s. We also have a natural Ley Line running near here, and we are near a river. We continue to document the activity and hope that we can make them feel comfortable enough to speak to us.

Doug: That's totally impossible to answer, due to the fact that there has been countless amount of different and diverse voices captured here in the last four years, and most times we do not receive a name, and if we do, who's to say or prove that it is not a lie or manipulation? If I were to assume how many spirits are here? There has been at least thirty names captured through the use of evp recorders, Ghost Box, and PX/Ovilus, and I suspect that there will be many more captured in the future

The following are evidence photos captured at Old South Pittsburg Hospital

Photos courtesy of Cindy and Doug

Shadow at the end of hallway on the left captured in the Outpatient area.

An apparition caught on film

Black shadow at end of hallway on the right

Cloaked figure

Rivers: I have investigated your hospital along with The Smokey Mountain Ghost Trackers and was impressed with the findings. Please tell us some of the experiences you have encountered living with the spirits.

Cindy: I think that the most often asked question is this one. It has been an amazing experience living here amongst the spirits. I have had numerous experiences over the years. But I think the most special one was with a child spirit here. I would often get my pant legs pulled as if to beckon me to pay attention. A child calling out to me….Mommy in an empty hallway was the most profound of them all.

Doug:  Wow! Every day is a personal experience, though many times it is not so much a "Personal experience". What do I mean? Ninety percent of the time when I am in the hallways, our three Boston Terriers are with me, and if one might decide to refuse to believe what I see, and hear, they would have to do such for our dogs as well. I hear disembodied voices at least five out of seven days. There is one particular female spirit who on three different occasions has seemed to have tried to help me with calming our dogs down. On one occasion our dogs were filmed reacting to something, and a female voice was recorded saying, "Wo wo wo", which came right after me saying the same words to the dogs for fighting in the hallway.

Rivers: Some of my readers do not know some very famous paranormal investigators have been to the hospital and actually filmed one of their TV shows there. Who were they?

Cindy: Old South Pittsburg Hospital has been on numerous television shows as well as in books and magazines. OSPH has appeared on Paranormal Challenge, MTV True Life, My Ghost Story (which was my favorite) and Ghost Lab. We will be in March’s edition of “Haunted Times Magazine”old south pittsburg hospital

 Photo on right Zak Bagans and Doug Dishroon.

Doug: We have had MTV here who filmed a series of "True Life", which revolved around teenage psychics. Ghost Lab of the Discovery Channel filmed and investigated here. Biography/A&E Channels My Ghost Story had a show about Cindy and myself. Travel Channels "Paranormal Challenge" filmed here. We have been investigated by editors and been written about in four different paranormal based magazines. Famous Paranormal Investigators; well to tell you the truth, the ones true to my heart are those people and teams who few know of, they are the true investigators and researchers of this field.

Photo on left Billy Tolley and Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures.


Rivers: You have some very exciting events there every year where paranormal investigators gather. What do you have planned for us this year?

Cindy:  Actually we have an event scheduled in April by Doug. This is a clinical experimentation of what the mind perceives as paranormal and what isn’t. We will also have an event in October with guests Mark and Debbie Constantino from Travel Channels Ghost Adventures.

Doug:Just recently we had Haunted Valentine event which was hosted by Ghost Eyes Paranormal, and on the dates of April 20th to the 22nd, I am hosting another event called "Unleash the Madness". Cindy will be able to tell you more about other events.

Unleash The Madness Event April 20-22 2012



Rivers: With your interest in the paranormal what site would you like to investigate more than any other?

Doug: T.A.L.A. and Mansfield

Cindy: I would like to investigate the uninvestigated location, the untouched locations that no one has ever tried to before. I want to go into a place and know nothing about experiences others have had or the evidence they have collected. I want to keep my mind uncontaminated with what I have seen, heard or read about.


Thank you very much for talking with me today and I hope you will be with us again in the future. If you are looking for good evidence of the paranormal, Old South Pittsburgh Hospital is highly recommended. Cindy and Doug, I look forward to seeing you both again and happy hunting.

Do you dare walk the halls and spend the night in The Old South Pittsburg Hospital?


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  1. Wow, is really all I can say. The pictures are amazing, and your stories gave me goosebumps.

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Kelly this is one hospital that has a little of it all. We did a twenty four hour lockdown there and had some truly great experiences. Doug and Cindy are excellent hosts. They show a great deal of respect to the spirits residing there.

  2. Excellent article, Micheal. Having always been interested in the paranormal and working over a year as Case Manager for a Houston based paranormal investigative team, I enjoy reading posts like this which details “real people’s experiences” versus the present listings of television shows.

    One thing which I have found disturbing though is the history of so many of the hospitals that have been investigated. Many of these hospitals were only recently closed in the last 30 or 40 years and were still treating patients to the very end as if they were animals. Shock treatments, lobotomies, being shackled, etc, is all a poor testament to the medical profession and society for allowing them to have transpired.

    Thanks for the post. Looking forward to the next one.

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Glenn if we can ever get together I will take you to OSPH and give you some truly amazing evidence. Never a simple EVP or I thought I saw this or the other. The evidence you glean from OSPH is always the real deal.

  3. such a compelling place with an interesting history as well. Thank you for posting this interview.

  4. Enjoyed this Michael…thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow,

    Micheal, this was such an amazing interview and all the pictures and footage left me speechless, I happened to have gotten into the paranormal thanks to my husband. I will not lie I was a skeptic until my dad passed away in 2005 and I can honestly say that at times I feel his spirit and close loved ones like my grandparents. I really liked what all your guests had to share. Amazing!

    Syl Stein

  6. avatarCarolyn Brown says:

    Hi, I am very interested in the old So. Pittsburg Hospital. I grew up in the area and my grandmother died there in the late 50’s and my brother (Carl) was taken to that hospital after he was fatally shot in Jan. 1983. He was wearing army fatigues and boots the day he was killed. Maybe it’s me but that photo of the shadow walking at the end of the hall looks like his profile. He had a very deep voice. Have the spirits given you any names?

    When I was little I would hear adults say that you should never go to So. Pittsburg Hospital because almost everybody who goes there dies. Apparently, the care people received was sub-standard.

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Thank you for the comment Carolyn. I ran into a lot of “things” on that investigations and I did get a few names, especially with the children. I do remember finding one gun shot victim but I cannot say it was Carl. My favorite was the flirty nurse in the cardiac unit.

      • Mr Rivers,

        Do I need a special type of recorder to try and record EVP’s?

        • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

          Hello Rachel, Any digital recorder seems to work best. It would depend on how much money you want to invest. One of the recorders we used was valued at 400+ dollars, same as used in recording studios. It was hand held. The other digital recorders averaged about 65 dollars. My preference for the cheaper recorders is Sony.

  7. Hi, I was there last weekend and got lots of EVPS. I was just wondering if the spirits have ever spoken the name DR. John Henry to you?

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      During the investigation we had a lot of EVP’s and as far as my own personal evp’s I did not get the name mentioned. I did however get a complete conversation with a nurse in one of the rooms. We gathered a lot of evidence on the overnight hunt. We discussed the doctor you mentioned. The most magnificent piece of evidence was the video of the orb following me when I left the nursery. Very exciting. Thank you for contacting me.

  8. From the moment I drove onto the property, you can feel it’s different. I only took 3 photos, from the inside of the vehicle and caught something! Can’t wait to go on a tour!

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Hi Rachel. Thanks for contacting me. The hospital is a very active place and you should get some good evidence. You can actually hear someone stomping down the second floor hallway at times. In the stairwell headed for the second floor the sound of talking and people moving around can be heard…needless to say the entire floor was empty. You’ll have a good time for sure. Be sure to get good photos around the nursery, very active there.

  9. Hey Michael, I forgot all about this interview, although, I have not forgotten about you. I speak of you often and will never forget our walk through the hospital. We were in the I.C.U. department, and you had me close my eyes. You were around eight feet from me and I felt a warm hand upon my back. Here’s the craziest part, I still feel that hand. I know it’s strange, but, I do. I hope you are well, and it was a pleasure to have met you. Take care.

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Those were some great days. I have some more hunts planned and one day I’ll hit that hospital again. As far as the hand is concerned the power of the supernatural is greater than people can imagine. Doing great and one day we’ll meet again and do some investigating. Talk soon.

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