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Ryleigh Black of Black Cross Paranormal


“We are a paranormal group based out of North Providence RI... We travel all over the United States looking for evidence that there is something more after death! My husband Stephen Black and I, plus numerous other investigators have found out that proof does exist!”

Let me introduce you to my friend Ryleigh Black. This exciting young lady is a paranormal investigative team co-founder of Black Cross Paranormal. BCP has been referred to as “Paranormal Rock Stars” due to their awesome website. Readers you really need to check it out!! Ryleigh, thank you for being with me today. Make yourself comfortable. Here she is; Ryleigh Black.

Photo Courtesy of Ryleigh Black

ryleigh blackRivers: You have been called the sexiest paranormal investigator around. What is your response to such a great compliment?

Ryleigh: WOW!! I know my husband Stephen’s response!!  BOING- BOING- BOING!! Lol. Again-wow!!  I never really thought of it like that before!  Modeling is just one aspect in my life.  I’m also a mom, step-mom, and a house wife.  People don’t see that side of me. I’m very flattered to say the least!  Every woman is beautiful in their own way and remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


Rivers: It is rare to find someone in the field of paranormal investigation with your point of view. Tell us more about yourself. (Wiccan aspect)

Ryleigh: I’ve found that I really don’t like to talk about myself in the Wiccan aspect living here in the North East.  It seems that people here have a preconceived notion that we worship the devil, or we don’t believe in God, or a whole host of other crazy concepts!  I usually do my Wiccan beliefs in private.  Or with other people who are Wiccan that understand where I’m coming from with it.  As much as I’d like to be open, other religions and people are not that accepting.  As far as my belief in spirits goes, I believe that there is something else out there.  We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface in the paranormal and our understanding of what really goes on.  I don’t believe that once we die, that’s it for us!  So many people have the idea that once you die, you go to heaven or you go to hell.  It’s so black and white!  I believe that there is a gray area and there’s so many that pass away that fall into that area that either have unfinished business or have something to say!  Or maybe they’re afraid to go or can’t find their way for some reason.  Or maybe they were just to mean and nasty in life that they are doomed to forever walk in limbo!  There are so many theories and questions haven’t been answered!  I think that sometimes when a person is taken out of this world too fast or too violently, they may not even realize they’re gone!  I feel there are so many reasons why spirits walk amongst us.  Nobody is really going to know the answer to that until they pass on themselves 😉  Anyway, that’s my point of view on that…


Rivers: Do you find investigating reputed hauntings with your spouse an advantage?

Ryleigh: Yes and no.. Yes being it’s nice that Stephen and I share the same passion with this. I love working with him in the field for many reasons…  And “no” because sometimes he is the one who debunks or tries to debunk a lot of the EVPs I capture!  Lol- joking though. I always love having Stephen around in everything I do whether it be hunting the “ghosties” or just sitting in the quiet and enjoying each other’s company. Ya can tell I’m so much in love!! Lol


Rivers: Does the practice of Wiccan define who you are as an investigator?

Ryleigh: I don’t think it defines me as an investigator… But I do think it’s definitely a part of my belief system.  It plays a role in my approach and I do feel I am a “beacon” of sorts… more approachable in the realm of the spirits.  Being Wiccan all my life has prepared me to deal with the spirits that have passed on and it has also taught me how to protect myself as well.


Rivers: What paranormal experience was the most unsettling for you?

Ryleigh: There has been a few that have shaken me to the core!  I don’t really care for the spirits that say they want to do nasty sexual stuff to me in a violent manner. But after you hear it once in an EVP, you aren’t that sensitive to it anymore really.

Photo Courtesy of Ryleigh Black

Ryleigh on an investigation using  an Ovilus


Rivers: There are those who have stated a spirit followed them home from an investigation. Has this ever happened to you or a member of your team? Can you tell us about it?

Ryleigh: You betcha!!...  It sure did happen to us!  It was like whatever could go wrong, went wrong.  Very weird stuff was going on in our house from lights flickering on and off- we heard walking through the house at night. Then like a huge cloud lifted off the house it was gone as fast as it came!  I’ve talked to other people that this has happened to as well.  Sometimes the spirit doesn’t keep its energy for long, and has to return from where it came from unless it has a reason to stay and energy to feed off of (like negative energy).


Rivers: At what point in time did you realize the existence of the paranormal was not just a belief, but a fact?

Ryleigh: When I was a little girl growing up in southern AZ, I was 5yrs old when I saw my first spirit, then again when I was 7yrs old in my grandmother’s home.  Her house was very old and back in the late 1800 to the early 1900’s, she would have the viewings of family members that had passed away in her home.  Years later when I came to live there, the room was made into a bedroom - and that became my room.  I would see spirits all the time and hear them every night!  But my mother’s family was hard core Russian Orthodox and told me to pray… Lol... they didn’t believe in the spirits that walked in that house and after awhile, I stopped believing in them too. As I got older I didn’t pay them much attention anymore since I lived with it all the time but it didn’t stop me from seeking answers.  I had to sneak books about ghosts into the house from the local library and in the early 90s is when I first heard of EVPs.  As an adult, I can still sense the spirits when they are around.  And I think the spirits know it too because they always love to talk with me, or physically attack me... It depends on “who” wants to leave an impression… Lol…


Rivers: What advice would you give to those starting to investigate the paranormal? Is there a warning you believe they must consider before venturing into this realm of existence?

Ryleigh: Yep!  And I can’t stress this enough… DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! READ AND READ SOME MORE!!...  Because what you see on TV isn’t always what happens out there in the field!!  The people on TV DON’T  show you what to do when the cameras turn off, or when something attaches itself to you!  So always be prepared and go with others!  Never go alone!  Also be a pro!  Other people may be counting on you to provide them with answers to what’s going on...


Rivers: What location would you truly to desire to investigate among any other?

Ryleigh: Just one?  Crap!  Lol... I can’t choose one but I would say either Waverly Hills Sanatorium or the Pennhurst Asylum!


Waverly Hills Sanatorium



Pennhurst Asylum




Rivers: Would you like to leave a personal message for your followers?

Ryleigh: Ghost hunting is “bad ass!!”  I love it.  Stephen and I are very laid back people and we are always looking to make new friends!  So don’t be afraid to come say “Hi” to us or to ask us questions!  Unlike others that we know of cough, cough, (insert TV personalities here).  Lol. We talk to and follow people back without them having to beg!  Lol...  Also remember to show respect… Lack of respect is a sure fire way of not having us talk with you. Lol.


Rivers: Thank you Ryleigh. I look forward to seeing more of your team’s evidence and wish you both the very best.


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