Paranormal investigation in Aberdeen, South Dakota


Site of investigation.

Site of investigation.


SMGT was called on to do a paranormal investigation of an old farmhouse built in the early 1900’s located in Aberdeen, South Dakota. There were only 2 owners of this home. The original owners lived there until the current owners bought it a few years back and renovated it. The current family has two children a 6 yr old daughter and 2 yr old son.

Upon entering the home we met the owner and he filled us in on the details of what had been happening. Their 6 yr old daughter had seen a giant shadow in her bedroom upstairs on several occasions. Family and guests are unable and refuse to sleep in the bedroom next to the little girls. It’s reported that there is a very uncomfortable sense that someone unable to be seen but their presence felt is in that room. The owner had experienced fresh cigar/cigarette smoke (mostly cigar) coming in the bathroom window downstairs and in the living room addition they had built on. None of the current family members smoke or ever have.

Our investigation began at 7pm and ended at 9pm. We did an initial sweep with the EMF to check for any initial spikes throughout the home. We photographed the areas of concern concentrating on the two bedrooms and hallway upstairs. Next, we set up our regular and full spectrum video cameras. During the entire investigation we used the micro-recorders to try and obtain EVP’s. In addition, in both rooms, we asked several questions to try and provoke a response. Lastly, a flashlight session was initiated in the daughter’s bedroom. The daughter’s bedroom was typical of a little girl’s room. The 2 windows had room darkening brown drapes and blinds behind them. When we turned off the lights it was apparent that any light from the outside could not filter through as to cause any shadows from trees etc. After returning home I did some more research on flashlight sessions and you can read below the interesting information I found.


EMF: There were no spikes on initial sweep and none throughout the investigation were noted. The temperature fluctuated in the bedrooms upstairs especially the daughter’s room and ranged from 66.2 to 74.3. When asking the entity to come near the EMF the temperature raised from 67.4 to 72.2 at one point. Normally, the temperature would drop.

Photography: Infrared camera produced 2 pictures with very bright circles. Note: The pre and post pictures do not show bright circles. We took over 200 photos in both rooms and hallway with regular and full spectrum cameras. Those were the only 2 with them. The team was asking questions in reference to the child’s great-grandmother at the time they were caught on film.

1st picture taken in succession of 4.

1st picture taken in succession of 4.


2nd of 4. Bright light developing and beginning to appear between the calendar and drapes.

2nd of 4. Bright light developing and beginning to appear between the calendar and drapes.



3rd of 4. Two bright lights near top of drapes. Enlarged insert on photo.

3rd of 4. Two bright lights near top of drapes. Enlarged insert on top right of photo.


4th of 4. They are gone.

4th of 4. They are gone.

EVP’s: None obtained.

Video Cameras: The camera appeared to have moved while we were not in the back room. (Video shows this twice briefly)

Flashlight Session: See Flashlight Sessions Debunked?

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  1. This stuff fascinates me. I’ve been intrigued by the paranormal my whole life and had a few experiences myself – but I could never do what you do! Ghosts scare me, give me vampires any day! I have seen a couple of spirits and felt a few, but I would be way too chicken to try and communicate or open myself up to let them in. I will just keep watching from the sidelines I think!

  2. avatarMicheal Rivers says:

    Live a little Gladys. They can be fun at times. After all these years I still wonder how they manage to do what they do. Thanks for stopping by. Its always good to hear from you.

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