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A weekly series that delved into the paranormal world and it's players. My hope is that you, the readers, will get a feel for the supernatural aspect that surrounds our daily life.  This series is meant to be informative as well as intriguing.

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 R.I.P. a quest for the truth? Part 2 


Chris Matheny Co-Founder & Chief Investigator

Research Institute of the Paranormal


Research Institute of the Paranormal (R.I.P.) is the brainchild of Chris Matheny, Co-Founder & Chief Investigator for this organization. Chris has been haunted since he was five years old and has discovered his psychic tendencies and empathic abilities. These both motivated him to pursue his lifelong quest to find answers to some of the most perplexing phenomenon.

Initially, Research Institute of the Paranormal was formed in order to research and investigate paranormal phenomenon in depth. In addition to investigations, Chris & Kimberly devote a great deal of time to assisting people affected by spiritual activity that want help. There is no fee for their services. In addition, due to Chris’ extensive history with the paranormal from such a young age, RIP has a special dedication to assisting families with children affected by spiritual and psychic challenges. Chris & Kimberly are not therapists, nor try to function in that capacity, but they are able to connect with people in those situations so that they do not feel alone. Chris’ stories about his haunted past have touched thousands of peoples in similar circumstances.

Chris and Kimberly have combined their efforts into the upcoming web show, "What Lies Beyond? A Quest for the Truth." The show's primary purpose is to research and explore all aspects of the paranormal and supernatural in an effort to find the truth behind them. This will include topics such as ghosts/spirits, shadow people, disembodied voices/sounds, EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), psychic abilities, spiritual cleansing, angels/demons, Bigfoot/Yeti, aliens, etc.

 Chris' extensive knowledge in paranormal/ spiritual phenomenon, the occult, cults, myths, legends, history & scientific facts give him a great arsenal of tools to utilize during investigations. Kim has over 20 years of experience in writing, editing, graphic design, production, marketing, advertising & web development, she has the skills required to produce and market this quality show. In addition to the show, Chris & Kim have been prolific in writing great ghost stories for their blog. These stories are based on true events from his experiences with the spiritual realm.

Chris Matheny co-founder of RIP is with me today and has BIG news for us. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today Chris. I am sure everyone is excited about what you have to tell us. As a paranormal investigator and family man I am sure you have your hands full. Congratulations on your new show. Without further delay here is our man of the hour: Chris Matheny.

R.I.P.MR: You have a great following and I am sure you are proud of those who share your interest in the paranormal. What would you like to say to your followers?

 Chris: The first thing that I would like to tell our friends in the paranormal community is that we appreciate their support and friendship. They are a big part of everything that we do. Without them we would still be doing this work, but only on a private group level. Now, with the help of our friends, we can do investigations that would otherwise be out of the question. We have many great investigations upcoming, so stay tuned and “Happy Hunting.” As always, thank you for your support.

MR: The Research Institute of the Paranormal is gearing up for a big event. Can you tell us about it?

Chris: Well there are a few big events on the horizon for us here at R.I.P. The two biggest being “Spirits of Birmingham: Rockin the Paranormal Event,” July 27-28, 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama; where there will be a rock concert with 4 bands, a question and answer session with “Special Guest” speakers, and an investigation of the infamous Sloss Furnace.


The next and biggest event of the year for us will be at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado for the “Frontier Paracon,” May 4-6, 2012. This is a bucket list item for me. There will be more going on there than you will be able to believe. There will be everything from tattooing to rock music and investigation. Let’s not forget all the great guest speakers too, such as Kimberly Brouillette and myself, the Booth brothers, Scotty Rorek and even Country Music star, Kris Allen. If you can make it to the Stanley, then please stop by and say hello.

MR: With interviews for radio, stories for your blog, and investigations, your team has a busy schedule. What do you and your team like most about investigating the paranormal?

Chris: I am a combat veteran, and like a great many other vets I sought new thrills to replace the rush of combat. I have raced motorcycles and gone mountain climbing searching for the rush of danger and excitement. For me, the thrill of investigating comes from not knowing exactly what you are encountering, and the possible danger from harmful and negative spirits.

The main reason that I continue to do investigations and enjoy them is derived from my history. I have been haunted since I was five years old. That is what got me started on this path and helps keep me going. Every piece of evidence brings me closer to finding the answers and the truth of my experiences.

MR: What investigation impressed you the most concerning a documented haunting?

Chris: That would have to be the Penewit hardware store in Bellbrook, Ohio. It is a 200 year old building in the middle of the old town center. In the early 1900’s there was a huge fire on the main street and several people were killed. On our investigation we encountered what we believe to have been the spirits of a little girl, a murder victim and a very nasty spirit that called himself, Carl. On this investigation I was actually hit in the head by an unseen force, grabbed on the elbow and drained of energy to the point that I became physically ill. We conducted a “Spirit Box” session with our good friend and psychic medium, Scotty Rorek. The information that we gathered during the extensive session with a murder victim’s spirit was incredible to say the least. It was very validating to us when we were able to validate a lot of the information we gathered that night.

MR: Congratulations your team has a new webcast show and has started filming. Don’t be shy and give us a sneak peek at what we can expect.

 Chris: We have one episode up and running on our YouTube channel already.  We are currently in production of the second part of that episode. You can also expect to see a ton of new equipment being used on the show. We are currently involved with trying to secure some great new locations for investigations. We are in negotiations to investigate a haunted theatre and a national battle field that has never been professionally been investigated. We are also doing a very special episode of “What Lies Beyond? A Quest for the Truth.” In which we will be conducting a round table interview with some “BIG NAMES” in the paranormal community about the state of the paranormal industry, in particular entertainment versus investigation and its impact on the community and the spirit world. We want to ask the questions that no one else seems to be asking.

MR: “My Haunted life” is based on true events. Give us an insight on what has happened over the years?

Chris: To understand what I am about, the best thing that someone can do is to read the blog series. However, in a nutshell, I saw my first ghost when I was five, soon after they began to torment me at night. At the age of ten, I attempted suicide three times in a week. After the last attempt failed, I discovered that I had some sort of spirit guide or protector that I began to call “Red.” It was at that point, I decided to stop being a victim and go on the attack.

I read and studied on anything paranormal or crypto zoological. In time, I was able to attempt a cleansing of my grandmother’s attic. I was actually injured in this fight. The spirit hurled a mason jar at me and fractured my elbow. That injury still plagues me to this day, and serves as a constant reminder that, yes, spirits can harm the living.

Now, I try to let families and children know that this phenomenon is real, but it is survivable. If I can help in any way a child suffering through similar events as those I had, then I will do whatever it takes to make the child safe and comforted.

What I would want to instill in those who need to hear it is, “You are not alone, and there are others like us. Hang tough, and don’t give in to them!”

MR: Who do you respect the most in the field of the paranormal investigation? Did his influence give you any basis for becoming an investigator?

 Chris: I respect anyone who is genuine and putting forth an honest effort. I really can’t pick one over another, but I respect investigators such as Keith Age,  Chris Flemming, Dave Schrader, Ron Fabiani, the TAPS team and of course the GAC crew, Zak, Nick and Aaron. As I have been investigating on my own for decades before there were shows about ghost hunting I can say that no one inspired me to do this other than the circumstances of my own life.

MR: I have been investigating for over thirty years and have places I would die to be able to investigate. Where is the one place that rates being the #1 haunt in your book? Why?

Chris: The Tower of London. Do I really need to explain why? A thousand years of pain and death have resided within those walls, my friends.

MR: All investigators experience being un-nerved at one point or another, which investigation gave you a good scare?

 Chris: The only time that I have ever been scared on an investigation was at the Montgomery House. It happened when the spirit grabbed me by the hip and squeezed. It scared me nearly out of my shoes…Really! I just didn’t expect the strength that I felt in that spectral grip. It was very scary and exciting at the same time.




MR: Do you and your team have any techniques that differ from other investigative teams?

 Chris: We actually have a junior investigator, named Kelsey. She is twelve, and seems to have a unique connection to some of the more innocent spirits. We also try to use candles, wind chimes and balloons in our investigations. Some of the best equipment isn’t electronic at all. Be creative in your investigations. You never know what will happen.

MR: What advice do you give first time investigators?

Chris: The first bit of advice that I can offer is that you should only investigate places that you have permission to be in. You don’t want to end your evening in handcuffs.

Secondly, do a daylight walkthrough to highlight hot spots, but also to make note of dangerous areas. You don’t want to fall through a hole in the floor and windup in the hospital, or worse.

Lastly, take precautions that you don’t bring home wandering spirits. If you are religious, you can pray for protection before you begin the investigation. Carry a piece of coal or sea salt in your pocket for protection too. When you are done investigating, thank the spirits for allowing you safe passage for the night. Finally, FIRMLY state that you want them to stay there, and not to follow you home. Even if you don’t believe and are just having fun, you don’t want to take unnecessary risks with yourself or others. Better to be safe than sorry. Safe and happy hunting, everyone!

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  1. Thanks for this, Micheal. Very timely as I’m researching for a book centered around a paranormal investigation team. I might need to reach out to these folks for some information.

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Jonathan, you’re welcome. I’m sure Chris and Kimberly would be more than happy to talk with you. I’m also available any time for you, just drop me an email.

  2. We would be happy to talk to Johnathon. Also, for those who are interested in going to Frontier Paracon at the Stanley Hotel on May 4-6, you can go to the following link. There is also more information on our blog about the event. Feel free to contact us through our Facebook pages for “whatliesbeyond4u” and “researchinstituteoftheparanormal” as well. http://frontierparacon2012.eventbrite.com/

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’m fascinated by anything paranormal. The only experience I have had with what lies beyond has been in my dreams, but those have been very real.

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