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Jen Blaney of R.T.S. Paranormal


R.T.S. Paranormal


Today we have gone to Wrentham, Massachusetts to bring you R.T.S. Paranormal Investigations. I have the pleasure of discussing the paranormal with Jen Blaney, who is not only a paranormal investigator, but the co-director for the haunted USS Salem. What is unique about R.T.S.? Other paranormal investigation teams have an office, or are working from a team members home. R.T.S. has the distinction of being based from a real, full size piece of American history, the USS Salem in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Rivers:  Welcome to our corner of the world, Jen. It is a pleasure to be talking with you today. Can you tell us more about R.T.S and your team of investigators?

Jen: RTS Paranormal has been around for about seven and a half years now.  The team I originally was with, Fore River Paranormal, merged with RTS Paranormal last year.  Things have gone well. We are based on the USS Salem, a heavy cruiser, which is now a naval museum in Quincy, MA.  Throughout the year, we host events on the ship to help with the costs of repairs and other needs.  All monies we raise go directly to the ship.  We do ghost tours, paranormal classes/speaking engagements, and public ghost hunts.  Basically, anything related to paranormal on the USS Salem, RTS Paranormal is involved.  Also the team’s founder, Andrew Tocci, appeared last fall on the Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story profiling some of the haunted happenings on the ship.

Our investigators are very dedicated and professional individuals.  Because we do a lot of work for the USS Salem, it does require volunteering of time and working with the public.  Dedication and professionalism are keys to success for any paranormal group.   Especially with RTS Paranormal, it’s not simply just another paranormal group.  Our investigators put in extra time and effort not just for investigating but volunteering on the ship.  We’re quite proud of the team we have.  Everyone helps each other and is committed to doing a great job. 

Rivers: You have a great following and I am sure you are proud of those who share your interest in the paranormal. What would you like to say to your followers?

Jen: I would like to thank our followers for being curious about our team and supporting us in our many adventures.  It’s truly an honor to have people take an interest in what we do.  We appreciate it tremendously.

Rivers: There is exciting news from your team all of us would like to hear. Where are you planning to investigate in the near future? Can you tell us about it?

Jen: RTS Paranormal does have a couple of big investigations coming up this year.  In March, we will be heading up to Maine to investigate The Booth Bay Opera House.  It’s a great location.  The team was there before a few years ago.  We’re very excited to return to do another investigation there. 

Our other big investigation is Waverly Hills this summer.  We have been planning this for a while and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to investigate there.  The great thing about RTS Paranormal is that while we do handle residential cases, we’re not afraid to pack up a couple times out of the year and venture out to some of these paranormal landmarks.  It’s a treat to experience these places first-hand.  Last year alone, we traveled to the USS North Carolina and Gettysburg

Rivers: Every paranormal investigator in the country, professional or novice; has something that draws them to investigate. What do you and your team like most about investigating the paranormal?

Jen: What we like about investigating the paranormal the most is helping people.  Residential investigations are always top priority.  We have traveled throughout New England and on a couple of occasions beyond to help families and individuals with possible hauntings.  No one needs to live in fear especially in their own home.  It’s very important that we find answers for the clients and help them feel comfortable again in their surroundings.

Rivers: What investigation impressed you the most concerning a documented haunting?

Jen: I would have to say the USS Salem has impressed me the most.  My first investigation there, I had my digital recorder on and within the first two minutes I caught a class-A EVP.  It was a male voice saying rather loudly ‘Hey!’ directly into the recorder.  No one heard it with their ears and the voice didn’t match anyone there.  I had heard stories before about the USS Salem being haunted but I was a little skeptical.  Then I heard that bit of evidence and it did change my mind.  Since then on the USS Salem I’ve had regular paranormal experiences.  I have seen a complete shadow figure, seen shadowy movement in the hallways, witnessed a large ball of light inexplicably appearing then disappearing during one of our public events, and also heard the sound hatches opening and closing when there aren’t other people around.  Just about everyone on the RTS Paranormal team has had some sort of significant paranormal experience on the ship.

Rivers: Before becoming an investigator did you or any of your team have any outstanding experiences? Can you tell us about the event?

Jen: Paranormal wasn’t very taboo in my family.  There were constantly paranormal books around.  I remember seeing in my parents’ book collection titles about ghosts and ESP.   That’s what got me into reading about the paranormal.  Even when I was in middle school, I got my first Tarot deck.  I definitely had that strong interest in the paranormal from an early age.  Actually seeing a ghost happened when I was around twelve years old.  I had suddenly woken up one night and as I looked up I saw a young man standing near the bed, expressionless and staring at me.  Naturally, that was extremely startling.  For a moment, I was scared thinking perhaps someone had broken into the house.  Out of fear I shut my eyes for a couple of seconds and when I reopened them, I saw him walking around the bed and disappearing right into the wall.  Still to this day, I don’t know who the apparition was or why he presented himself to me.  I actually never saw him again. 

  I would say for the team there is a wide spectrum of reasons behind why they became investigators.  Some have had experiences seeing ghosts.  For them, investigating helps them acknowledge what happened to them was real and understand why hauntings happen.  Some members are skeptical of the paranormal and are investigating to see it for themselves whether or not ghosts exist.  Others are simply fascinated with the paranormal and have a thirst for knowledge about the subject.  Getting out there and investigating helps them experience it first-hand and understand the paranormal even more.

Rivers: Who do you respect the most in the field of the paranormal investigation? Did his influence give you any basis for becoming an investigator?

Jen: Lloyd Auerbach.  He has been in the field for quite some time now.  He has amassed so much knowledge about the paranormal that his research is influential to a good number of people who are investigating now.  It is hard not to respect someone who has been researching and investigating long before it became trendy.   Parapsychology fascinated me ever since I was a child so his work definitely had an influence on me.

Rivers: I have been investigating for over thirty years and have places I would die to be able to investigate. Where is the one place that rates being the #1 haunt in your book? Why?

Jen: One place RTS Paranormal would really love to investigate is The Myrtles Plantation.  We have several history aficionados on the team and this place definitely has some powerful history.  There are also quite a few interesting legends about the Plantation that we’d be anxious to explore.  Between the ghost of Chloe the slave and the haunted mirror, there have been so many stories and reports of activity that we’d love to find out for ourselves about the hauntings. 

Rivers: All investigators experience being un-nerved at one point or another, which investigation gave you a good scare?

Jen: For me, one investigation that was a little unnerving happened to be a home investigation.  For most part, it was a rather quiet night until we had gone into a particular bedroom.  There were two other investigators with me.  We were in the middle of an EVP session when I felt something brush up against my right hand.  There wasn’t anyone standing next to me and I wasn’t close enough to the wall or any object for that to be the cause.  I immediately tagged that on our recorder.  When we played back the audio, right after I tagged the incident, there was a voice saying ‘I’m going to get these people out.’  The voice didn’t match anyone on the team or present that night.  Honestly, it wasn’t the most pleasant voice either.  Coming in contact with something that presented itself as hostile certainly was unnerving especially since it used physical contact with me.

  One experience which had happened to several members of the team was an investigation on the USS Salem.  The team was inside the Ward Room when they started hearing some very loud and strange sounds.  The feeling in the room became very heavy sort of like there was something surrounding that particular room.  A chair was knocked over on its own.  Then from the dentist area across the hall, there was the sound of a drill.  That brought some members out into the hallway.  When they looked aft, they saw a face peering around one of the hatches at them.  It was a pretty wild night on the ship.  Usually on the USS Salem there is a good amount activity at any given time but none of the members had really experienced so much activity and at that intensity at one time.  Still to this day, the members who were there that night still talk about that incident.  It did give some of them quite a scare. 

R.T.S. Paranormal

USS Salem

Rivers: Do you and your team have any techniques that differ from other investigative teams?

Jen: Not really.  We use the same standard equipment most other groups use.  We typically don’t use psychics in our investigations.  It’s not to say we would never work with a psychic.  There are individuals on the teams who do have sensitivity; however, we tend not to work around psychic feedback.   If someone does have a hunch or a feeling, we’ll explore it but in normal situations we don’t have anyone doing a psychic walkthrough. 

Rivers: What advice do you give first time investigators?

Jen: For first time investigators I would suggest taking the time to develop yourself as an investigator.  A lot of people want to just jump right in there and start investigating but sometimes they don’t quite know what they’re getting into.  If you’re not prepared, that can lead to some trouble.  There are a lot of great resources out there to help you understand more about the paranormal.  Doing research on haunted locations and reading up on paranormal topics are a step in the right direction.  Breaking into places is not acceptable.  Always look to get permission before investigating.  Sometimes daytime investigations at cemeteries are a good starting point.  Before you take on a residential case, make sure you can handle it.  You want to help the client, not make their situation worse and out of control. 

Rivers: I want to thank you for being with me and sharing your team’s experiences with my readers. We all look forward to seeing and hearing your future evidence of the paranormal.


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  1. Hi Mike, First I have to apologize for taking so long to stop in at your blog! I love anything to do with the paranormal and DVR/watch as many shows as we can! My husband and I both enjoy the paranormal and visit historic places. My next book involves a ghost in a lighthouse!

    Jen, thanks for being Mike’s guest this week. I enjoyed the interview! Have a great time on your investigations!

  2. avatarMicheal Rivers says:

    Deanna great to see you here, thanks for stopping by! I will definitely have to check out your next book then….the paranormal never ceases to intrigue me!

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