Read Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores Review


dayna winters | Feb 19, 2011

Read Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores Review  It is a 160 page book authored by Micheal Rivers and published by Schiffer Publishing in 2010. Micheal is one of the founding members of the Smoky Mountain Ghost Trackers Society located in Western North Carolina. The book contains eleven chapters of a wide variety of paranormal reports in various counties throughout North Carolina. Stories include wartime ghosts, nighttime ghosts, lingering spirits, mysterious lights, cemetery ghosts, watery ghosts, and more. The book has a brief introduction and a concise appendix as well. Rivers’ writing style is smooth and it makes for an easy read. He brings each account to life with his in depth description of reported occurrences. The included illustrations also bring the book to life for the reader. Rivers’ shares paranormal accounts from everyday people.

Fantastic stories include reports of what was first believed to be a reenactment of a battle in Bentonville that later proved to be an actually ghostly sighting, people discovering that their new homes are inhabited by some unexpected paranormal guests, sightings of long dead sentries from the past, sightings of ghostly soldiers, and repeated sightings of mysterious balls of fire seemingly rising up out of a local cemetery and bouncing of a nearby home, leaving nothing in its wake but some ash as evidence of its presence. I hope you enjoyed this Ghosts of the North Carolina review. Definitely an intriguing read and highly recommended.

Read Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores Review

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