So This Is Your Office!

A Writer's Office

As a writer the space you use to create your work is very important to you. The mind of a writer can be a frightening thing. His office can be a journey into a mind bending gaping hole of pure insanity. These are a few examples.

Writer number one has an office which is neat, tidy and nothing is ever out of place. Fastidious to a fault; you wonder if he has an IQ of 4000 or better. It would seem he is the man with all the facts, figures, photographs, and interviews within his head so investigating any information is unnecessary in his world. In his opinion!

I have no idea what a person such as this could possibly write. Dictionary to the wind we move on to writer number two. He has a beautiful office with carpet on the floor and paneled walls adorning his world that seems to hold little, if any mayhem about him. Nothing but the best bookshelves to house the many volumes of his work along with the works of his friends is close at hand. It currently contains five books.

This same writer has every reference book known to man and probably will use two of them. L.L. Bean is his mentor and couturier. His writing style, if he is successful, will usually use words the average working man has never been exposed to and therefore loses an audience that is more valuable than the scrolls of Abraham.

Yes dear reader we are moving on to writer number three. He has the best of intentions and believes he has written the next tale of the century. Millions will roll in and he will live on easy street holding hands with the elite of the literary world. He seems to have forgotten the most important tool in the world.

His book fits no genre, he has not attempted to contact a publisher, editor or anybody needed to secure his dream. But, he has an office. He started out like most of us in his small niche in a corner of the house. He bought everything he thought he possibly needed and is striving hard to keep from flying blind into the literary world about him.

The infamous filing cabinet obscuring his vision from the outside world sits neatly next to his desk and begins to collect clutter. Yes with his imagination it is very possible he may get his dream. Let’s not put a damper on this man and wait for the novel to emerge from his closet of dreams. Meanwhile it is advisable to purchase a good chair to spend those long hours of sitting at the keyboard editing. A very large window is needed here.

The list of different kinds of writers and their offices is very long and may possibly lead you to psychiatric treatment wondering where you fit in. I am an average writer in many respects. Yes, my office can be used for either a game show or a spot in Ripley's. I never realized what the average office was until I started to notice others in my field.

A must for all is the perfect desk for you. I have a roll top desk with lots of room as well as storage. Inside the storage areas is a host of electronic parts for computers and other gear. Two CD racks and a large computer screen. Trigger objects abound everywhere to stimulate the mind. Scribbled notes will evaporate when you need them most.

This office contains a story board, photographs, a few helicopters, wall clock, two bookshelves for reference that get more use than my car does, and a dog to keep me from climbing the walls from an overdose of caffeine. If I were to continue the list, you would certainly realize your office is a major factor in whom you are as a writer. Let your mind run free and make your office a part of you.  Meanwhile I think I lost my dog in the wreckage!


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  1. I have to laugh … my current “office” is my dining room table so I can see my kids while they play. Behind me is my story board (I have half a wipe board that I share with my daughter) and my plastic file case where I save research material.

    Someday… Someday I want an office to call my own. But it won’t be in this house. 🙂 There’s just no room for it. This was an enlightening post. Thanks for sharing!

    • Strange you say that because I almost added a note concerning moving your office so dinner can be served. LOL Gotta love the wipe board. All my children are grown and gone so I do not have the pleasure of watching them play any longer. As time rolls by you will need a lot more file space, trust me.
      I hope you get your office and believe me on this; “Lock the doors, hide the keys, and use a good stereo headset so you cannot hear your name called. LOL

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