Review of Moonlight on the Nantahala by Tracy Riva

“… an extraordinary job with his modern fiction Moonlight on the Nantahala.  It is evocative and it captures so thoroughly the spirit of this part of the Appalachians that I found it easy to picture the setting the around me.”  Read the full Review of Moonlight on the Nantahala by Tracy Riva here    An inspirational […]

Book Reviews: DARK RIVER PRESS Reviews Verliege - Extraordinary!!

    Pre-release I had offered copies of Verliege for reviews. Amy K. Marshall contacted me and requested a copy.  Ms. Marshall wrote book reviews for the now defunct Dark River Press. I was honored when I read her review of my supernatural thriller/horror novel.   ” I was reminded of Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” […]

Don't Be Shy Leave Book Reviews

  Don’t Be Shy Leave Book Reviews People are shy. There are many of you reading this who will say you are far from it. There will be only a handful of you who actually are true extroverts. A good example of this for writers is a published novel. You may have a thousand readers […]

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