Flashlight Sessions Debunked?

Trying to obtain solid proof has always been a priority for Smokey Mountain Ghost Tracker’s investigations. With that being said, I am skeptical of new techniques until they can be proven authentic. In my past investigations I have occasionally used a Maglite flashlight to pursue any contact with the other side. This question has always stuck […]

R.T.S. Paranormal from the Heart

  ~ Be The Host To Your Ghost ~ A weekly series that delved into the paranormal world and it’s players. My hope is that you, the readers, will get a feel for the supernatural aspect that surrounds our daily life.  This series is meant to be informative as well as intriguing. Featured This Week […]

Is it Haunted?

Recently I read an article by a gentleman who made a large disclaimer concerning ghosts and the paranormal. According to him there are no such things as ghosts, specters, poltergeist, or anything else concerning the paranormal. He was also adamant that the equipment used for investigations was all but worthless. I write this with the […]

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