All The Latest News for Author Micheal Rivers

Welcome to Micheal Rivers website. You’ll find his latest news supernatural thrillers, ghost stories and other novels here. Verliege was voted Best Supernatural Book of 2012 and hit #1 Supernatural on Amazon. The Black Witch hit Top 50 in Horror on Amazon several times. Stop by his blog to read about interesting paranormal topics, author […]

The Black Witch Review by Lucinda T. Rose

The Black Witch Review   An Enchantingly Evil Sea Tale….  The world of independent books is full of sea wreaks, but Michael Rivers’ book The Black Witch (Curse of the Black Witch) is definitely not one of them.  A fan of old fashion high seas adventures, I gladly stepped abroad and wasn’t disappointed. As a child, […]

There Seems To Be A Time Warp

Time Warp   There seems to be time warp in Amazon and Twitter. Through the powers that be beyond that of mortal man, the computer Gods have arisen and have begun deciding who shall be granted the honor of posting. Did you ever wonder why your posts do not appear or your reply suddenly will […]

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