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This photo was taken at the Portage Burial Grounds by me.  After I had gotten home and reviewed the evidence I found this.  When enlarged  (below) you can see a face right above the log. It appears to be a Native American with face paint.

At the time of this photo all hell was breaking lo0se. I was there with my step-son and we had already experienced several paranormal events in the area. EVPs obtained, balls of light dropping into the water nearby causing big splashes, our cameras shut down several times during this investigation. These were just a few of the instances of paranormal activity we experienced that night.

paranormal activity

paranormal activity

This photo surprised us due to the fact that we had not seen any mist by the naked eye at all that evening. This was shot around the same time as the one above and then our cameras completely shut down until we got back to the car.

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3 lucky winners!!

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The Black Witch

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Moonlight on the Nantahala

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paranormal, psychological thriller


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Contest ends July 31st 2012 at 11:59 p.m.

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Thank you everyone for participating. The results and comments were very interesting!

Dianne - The Black Witch

Carolyn Clouse Blesdoe - Verliege

Betty Rinaudo -The Black Witch

Congratulations to the winners!


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love all this paranormal stuff and would love to win The Black Witch. Thanks!

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      The paranormal can be very interesting at times. One thing for sure there are surprises around every corner.

  2. avatarBetty Rinaudo says:

    Very interesting test results. I would love to read The Black Witch. 🙂

  3. I’m taking the test now – and just wanted to comment that it is kind of hard to give definate answers to some of these… I be saying yes, but saying here -for example – the voodoo dolls and the luck & love spells… yes I fully believe IF these things are taken seriously by the individual. Love spells are unethical, but, yeah… I believe 😉
    Ill finish the test before I post this.
    Some of these answers depend on your ethics – and some need an explination with the answer, haha 🙂
    I scored a 94% – I’m not able to copy n paste the snapshot here tho.
    That was fun!!

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      I liked it. It was pretty accurate. On the questions that needed a clarification I chose the middle dot and it gives you a specific meaning IE: Do you believe voodoo dolls work. If the answer was only if they believe I used the middle button. Perfect! What book would you like to read? The Black Witch, or Verliege?

  4. avatarRose Rasmussen says:

    Interesting – as others have said above, I think some of these questions need a qualifier. I found, however, that I believe in more outlandish things than I might have admitted to, before 🙂
    I would be interested in reading The Black Witch

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Yes LOL There are a lot of people who will find they believe in more things than admitted to and that’s a good thing. Even after all my years of investigating I am learning things every day about what is beyond our limitations and the effects.

  5. avatarAndrea Mann says:

    I believe we all have abilities to some extent but most are unaware of them. We just need to open ourselves up to knowledge and understanding. An open mind is a wondrous thing!!

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      I know and have known some people that had some really amazing gifts. I found that the people who are truly gifted do not advertise the fact due to the misunderstanding of the gift or the paranoia they feel thinking someone is capable of knowing what they desire to keep secret about themselves.

  6. avatarcarolyn clouse bledsoe says:

    Micheal, the test was interesting. I scored high on it and was surprised by the results. I knew I believed in the possibility of some paranormal activity but didn’t realize just how much I did believe until after taking the test.
    If I win, I would like Verliege. I have already read The Black Witch and am in the process of reading Moonlight on the Nantahala now. Just returned to the city from visiting the mountains of Macon County, NC, where the Nantahala Mountains are that you used as the setting for this book. And as I told you, I also heard some ghost stories from a friend of yours who lives there.

  7. Hello Michael,
    I really don’t need to take the test as I’m already a true believer 🙂 Some of the stories and personal experiences submitted to hauntedisland.co.uk are simply fascinating. We have had many members of the public and people from all walks of life and professions share their ghostly experiences with us, which in our minds leaves no doubt that the paranormal is very real. Great post!

    Geoff – Haunted Island

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Thank you and thanks for stopping by. Good to see a fellow believer. You are correct it is a very fascinating world to be involved in. Over my vast experiences I have delved into a lot of the paranormal in the UK and some of the experiences are really grand. For me, I am like you, there is no doubt.

  8. I got a 56 guess im more skeptical then i thought. fun test though.

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      That is a very good reason for the test. It lets you know to a degree what your true thoughts are concerning the paranormal as well as a few other categories they have there.

  9. They all seem great but Verliege is my pick!

  10. Hi Michael
    Sorry I didn’t make it back here last night. I checked my kindle and yes, I do have all three. Guess I better get busy reading. As for believing…Yes, I do believe in the paranormal. Ghosts, aliens, life after death, reincarnation. As for curses and voodoo dolls…The mind is a powerful too. Our county fairgrounds is said to be built on an Indian burial ground and cursed. No matter when the fair is held, it will rain at least one day during it’s duration. Normally it’s opening day.

  11. That is so awesome the picture with the fog appeasers to have an Indian face and head dress. So wild looking. Would have been fun to be there. My email address is
    Dianneparchman@yahoo.com I would love love love to win the black witch. The cover is fantastic looking. My Twitter name is
    @dianneparchman thank you for doing this contest. It would be an honor to win.

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Thanks for stopping by to comment Dianne. The Black Witch is a good choice.
      The mist could not be seen by the naked eye. I only saw it after I downloaded the pics to my PC. It is extremely foreboding looking. This particular hunt is one I will remember for a very long time!

  12. I got 100% on the test and if I win, I’d like Moonlight, please.

  13. avatarcarolyn clouse bledsoe says:

    I am so thrilled I was one of the winners, Micheal! The test was fun taking and enlightening for me! Thanks a bunch!! Carolyn

  14. I’ve always been skeptical, but there seems to be way too much evidence to the contrary. I’m too late for the contest but I would have loved to read Verliege.

    • avatarMicheal Rivers says:

      Thanks for visiting Amberr. The equipment that we use today for investigations has come a long way and has produced some really great evidence.

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