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Writer's Platform

In the beginning Joe Somebody wrote a book. The editor says it’s great. The publisher said they want anything you write. Cloud nine is three stories below you. Then you realize the sales you counted on are not there. The advertising is the best money can buy and still your sales suck!

You have book signings to die for. Everybody loves you! So what is the problem? You forgot one very essential item. You do not have a platform. A writer’s platform decides whether he will make it or go back cooking at the restaurant he was at before he wrote the big one.

When you write your first book unless you are already a star; do not rely on your story. Your name has to be known and to do that you must have a platform. The writer's platform is the readers and followers who know who you are and what you do. They are the sole reason your genre lives. People have no idea who you are or if you have any writing ability. This platform will build your name and your reputation as a writer.

Nobody is a star straight out of the chute; it is time to make you shine. It does not matter if you are published by a brick and mortar or you are an Indie author these are the things you need to sell; not just your book but your name.

That’s right we have to sell your name. Several ways to do this is with Facebook, blogs, contests, giveaways, interviews, clubs, Newspapers, Twitter. Use anything that uses your name to address the public you are there and want to hear from them. Slowly but surely once a few people read your work and find out you are talented they will tell Mary and Mary will tell Jeff and before you know it they know you. Trust me the list is long and the hours longer.

These readers want to know your life story and feel a part of your life. These things are important to them. You want to be the friendly face and the words that give them life when they curl up with your book. Take them on your adventure with you.

Naturally with you comes your work and they will know your titles. Then the sales come. You will find this may be more time than you want to allow in your life. If you don’t have the passion for writing and more than one story in your heart you may want to reconsider the path you have just ventured upon.

Dedicate yourself and you very well will succeed. Writers are an elite group of individuals that help each other and strive to give their audience their best work. Beyond all of this is the successful writer who has worked hard, created his platform of readers, and above all is dedicated to his work.

~Micheal Rivers~


Thought for the Week

"Getting a book published does NOT equate to readership. You must cultivate a readership every day of your life, and you start TODAY. Your readers will not be interested in reading just one book; they will be interested in everything and anything you do--and that includes interacting with you online. Audience development doesn't happen overnight (or even in 6 months or a year)--and it's a process that continues for as long as you want to have a readership. It shouldn't be delayed, postponed, or discounted for one minute."

~ Jane Friedman

writer's platform


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  1. Great job Michael. I’m liking it so much, I hope you don’t mind if I reference your blog on mine. The original purpose of our blog was because we’ve made so many mistakes in our initial thinking. I’d really like to helping the up and coming authors to learn from our mistakes. You and others have provided insight in ways to avoid the pitfalls and wrong thinking.

  2. Building a platform is indeed essential for a newbie writer…but this eats into our writing time. I posted on this some time ago: Do You Recommend Platform-building or Writing?

  3. I accept that a writer needs a platform. It’s why I joined Facebook. I hated it before I joined, and I still hate it, but I’m there. It’s why I joined Twitter. I’m now a Twitter addict. It’s why I started my blog. I’m planning a second one now. My how things get away from us…

    But I don’t know why people want to know the authors. I don’t. I read books in happy ignorance of the author. I have the niggling suspicion, from things people have told me, that I might not like my favourite author. And if I don’t like him, that might ruin the books. Ignorance is bliss.

    Evidently not everyone is like me though. Oh wait… I already knew that.

  4. A platform is essential, and I’d say you are doing a marvelous job building one that is sturdy, compelling, and endearing. Sorry it took me so long to come by, friend. I’m now a subscriber and an “on the record” fan.

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