There Seems To Be A Time Warp

Time Warp  

There seems to be time warp in Amazon and Twitter. Through the powers that be beyond that of mortal man, the computer Gods have arisen and have begun deciding who shall be granted the honor of posting.

Did you ever wonder why your posts do not appear or your reply suddenly will not go through. The messages from the computer Gods say you cannot send a message to someone who is not following you. Odd! They have been on my list for centuries and two minutes before that I was speaking with them. Suddenly they say they do not know you or vice versa.

Did your friend get angry with your wit and shut you down. No, far from it, in the world of computers you are at their beckoning call and they will decide who you shall speak with and when. It is a fact when your internet goes away so does a large piece of your world. You start to panic. We have used our keyboard for so long we do not know what to say to our family and friends when we are not on it. Face it; when the internet is down you life goes in the toilet.

I see my friends down the street and I speak with a lot of strangers. However, when the thunder rolls, the lightning strikes, and the small lights are no longer blinking to tell me I am connected with the world, shields go up and my mind shuts down. Dead Time!

If the Gods such as Frontier, Verizon, and many more grace you with world communication you are reassured deep within and can then talk with neighbors, friends, and your acquaintances on the computer and in person with the finesse of any man of sound mind. But until that time you are in a state of panic.

There are ways to get around the trap they have set for you. You are prepared for the disaster and technology will not foil your attempts to reach “Twitter!” You delve deep into your purse or search the living room and you find your phone. It is your life jacket in the pending storm of frustration. You question the Gods; “Why do I have phone internet but my desk top is in a comma?”

Suddenly you realize in your moment of triumph over the Gods you have gone blind from trying to read the text and your arthritic fingers cannot put two words together that appear to be sentences.

Never fear the Gods have taken pity on the poor peasants tending their fields of text and let you know by phone; “We will be back on line in 24 to 72 hours.” When all seems lost they have you back on line before their deadline and suddenly they are your heroes.

Don’t get excited the bill will be the same, your business suffered and your children will still blame you for forcing them to talk to you.


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